About Us

Welcome to "University of Modern Textilogy" and "MODIFY | 101" out of our beautiful Southern California's city of Los Angeles!

"MODIFY | 101" is a course we all need to take in life in order to better ourselves. Our curriculum(slogan) is "Improvise - Adapt - Overcome" and we are seeking your enrollment!

We are a unique smart casual clothing line which specializes in taking men's trendy fashions all the way down to little "1 year olds", revolutionizing what like father like son is in today's fashion industry. Our focus is producing finer garments which consist of a detailed collection of beautiful premium denim, both stretch and non stretch, comfort stretch sateen chinos in fun colors, versatile dress up and dress down joggers, awesome hand feel wovens, comfy knits and polos, inspiration driven graphic tees, cool outerwear, stylish blazers, related tying in accessories and more. Quality, design and craftsmanship of our pieces are superb.

We have a mission...Apart from achieving the consumer confidence in the "MODIFY | 101" brand, working together can achieve a by giving back to a wonderful cause, Education! The ultimate tool to "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome" in today's world!

We are looking forward to your loyalty and enrollment! Thanks for stopping by!

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